Graduate Assistants


  • Lindsay Allen

    Lindsay Allen

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Neurodegenerative disorders, traumatic brain injury, addiction, neuroimaging techniques

  • Brianna L Artz

    Brianna L Artz

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Animal cognition, evolution of social cognition


  • Rachel Barkey

    Rachel Barkey

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuroinflammation


  • Vincenzo De Lillo

    Vincenzo De Lillo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury

  • Chetan Kaushik Desai

    Chetan Kaushik Desai

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Erin Doherty

    Erin Doherty

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Traumatic brain injury, Stress, Animal models, Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's disease, Therapeutics, Behavior, Circadian Rhythm


  • Elizabeth Esser-Adomako

    Elizabeth Esser-Adomako

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: visual attention, eyetracking, threat-perception, implicit biases, race-based biases, and trait anxiety



  • Eslam Hassan

    Eslam Hassan

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Reinforcement - learning, spaced - learning, massed - learning, social isolation, loneliness, memory

  • Rafael Hoyos Justiniano

    Rafael Hoyos Justiniano

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Alzheimer's disease, behavior, brain analysis, learning, and memory.




  • Isabella Lalena

    Isabella Lalena

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Neuroimaging, brain stimulation, reinforcement learning, brain-computer interfaces


  • Alex Ma

    Alex Ma

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Cognitive Neuroscience of Timing, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Laura C. McAuliffe

    Laura C. McAuliffe

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Hippocampal development and NMDA receptors, neuropharmacology, synaptic depression

  • Lawrence Minnis

    Lawrence Minnis

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Perception of canine behavior, canine cognition and learning, neuroscience of human-animal interaction, and the animal adoption decision-making process

  • Aser Mohamed

    Aser Mohamed

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Hippocampal development and NMDA receptors (learning & memory), Neuropsychology, ADHD & AD, Clinical Psychology


  • Samuel Neff

    Samuel Neff

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Neurogenesis, neurodegenerative diseases, brain-computer interfaces



  • Alison Perlberg

    Alison Perlberg

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Alzheimer's disease, neurodegenerative disorders, learning and memory, behavior

  • Vjosa Poshka

    Vjosa Poshka

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Laura Rabbitt

    Laura Rabbitt

    Working Memory, EEG, Eye tracking, Pupillometry, Face Recognition, Memory

  • Emily Linda Richard

    Emily Linda Richard

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sex differences in Autism, MRI

  • Becca Roy

    Becca Roy

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Psychophysiology, Human-Robot interactions, EEG, neuroimaging


  • Julie Sakla

    Julie Sakla

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Trauma, mental health of adolescents, memory, Alzheimer's

  • Lindsay S. Shaffer

    Lindsay S. Shaffer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    electrophysiology, decision-making, prefrontal cortex, systems neuroscience

  • Helen Hargreaves Smith

    Helen Hargreaves Smith

    Graduate Professional Assistant

  • Candice T. Stanfield-Wiswell

    Candice T. Stanfield-Wiswell

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Time Perception, Numerosity, Attention, Memory, Psychophysics


  • Iris Talebi

    Iris Talebi

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Antisocial Disorders, Impulsivity, and Trauma.


  • Christina Wheeler

    Christina Wheeler

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Error-related behavior and cognition research, the effect sound on the brain, entrainment of the brain through stimulation or auditory influences.

  • Grace Wild

    Grace Wild

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Logan Woodhouse

    Logan Woodhouse

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Alexa Young

    Alexa Young

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Spatial navigation, Anxiety & Depression