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  • Jennifer Brielmaier

    Jennifer Brielmaier

    Associate Professor

    Animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders; behavioral phenotyping; behavioral neuropharmacology


  • Doris Bitler Davis

    Doris Bitler Davis

    Associate Professor

    Animal behavior and cognition, especially communication, social hierarchy, and the effects of domestication; the teaching of psychology

  • Theodore Constantine Dumas

    Theodore Constantine Dumas

    Associate Professor

    Neural substrates of memory, neural and cognitive development, stress and behavioral control, real-time brain activity focus in a multidisciplinary setting


  • Jane M Flinn

    Jane M Flinn


    Associate Professor

    The role of metals in learning and memory, including their role in Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury (TBI)


  • Allison E Jack

    Allison E Jack

    Assistant Professor

    Autism spectrum disorders, fMRI, cerebellum, sex differences, social perception


  • Craig McDonald

    Craig McDonald

    Associate Professor

    Cognitive control, action monitoring, error monitoring, attention


  • James C Thompson

    James C Thompson


    Examining how we recognize human movement and make sense of other peoples' actions and how this can be applied in specialized settings such as surveillance and in conditions in which human movement recognition may be impaired.


  • Martin Wiener

    Martin Wiener

    Associate Professor

    Cognitive Neuroscience, Time Perception, Space Perception, Datasharing