Poster Printing

The Psychology Department offers poster printing services for current undergraduate and graduate psychology majors. To schedule an appointment, please visit our appointment scheduling page. Questions regarding poster printing should be directed to Paula Herrera:

  • Upon arrival for your appointment, you will need to check in with her at David King Hall Room 2086. 
  • We also have one poster tube available for you to check out of our equipment storage. These can be checked out with Paula as well. 
  • Remember to close the door when your session is done, after taking your poster with you. 
  • If you need a poster tube to borrow ask Paula in the UG office to check one out. These are limited and on a first come first serve basis!
What you are allowed to do: 
  • You may bring light snacks into the room with you but nothing messy.
  • You can only print twice in one session (if you are on the Epson printer). If there is an issue with both of the posters, you will need to schedule another appointment if the one after yours is taken.
  • You can leave while you are waiting for your poster to print so long as you are back before your session is done. 
What you are not allowed to do: 
  • You are not allowed to book a reservation for another person in a different major/minor. 
  • You are not allowed to print more than two posters a session. 
  • You should not wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment. Please plan appropriately as to give yourself a minimum of a 3-day window to give yourself time to fix any formatting issues that may happen during printing. 
  • Do not destroy the machines. 
  • Do not pull on your poster to come out of the machine. Wait for it to cut the poster free. If it does not, then come to get someone from the UG office.